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You may have heard the saying, “live your life to the fullest”, right? Well, in 2015, I was told to “leave and live”. For me, that was the equivalent to "go and live your life to the fullest". I was urged to embrace the life God had for me on His terms, stripping myself from the hindrances and restrictions created by the opinions and input of others. 


I had the "leave" part figured out... I packed up everything I owned, moved to a new state and began a journey of faith. It took me some time to discern what “living” looked like for me, but once I fully embraced this new path God had chosen for me, my true adventure began. I am excited to share this journey with you... every joy, every struggle, every victory and every fulfilled promise. I pray that what I have learned, and all that I continue to learn, from my faith adventure will encourage and inspire you to embrace where you are on your own journey and fill you with hopeful anticipation of where God desires to take you.


About Me

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I have always enjoyed using my words to uplift others. I began by writing down my thoughts and my conversations with God. I would sometimes share those revelations with people I encountered. Seeing people leave my presence with their hope restored, and hearing how the words I shared helped to inspire them, instilled a passion within me to continue sharing that joy with others.


By definition, inspiriting means to "uplift, enliven". “Inspiriting Moments by Ivana Monique” was created for that very purpose: to provide Scripture-based, hope-filled words that will uplift, enliven, and encourage you.


I firmly believe that our words build our world. What we speak is what we will see, so let's speak words of hope and love that will build something beautiful.  

Love & Blessings,

Ivana Monique


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